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Hand crafted artisan jewelry and fine art.

Influenced by the beauty of nature which is directly woven into my pieces of jewelry and art. Drawing inspiration from textures, colors and scenes from my experiences. Created with care and precision, ensuring the final product is not only beautiful but can stand the test of time.



Once Again

Created with Micron pen and watercolor. Inspired by a staircase I saw in a greenhouse in Austria. A beautiful array of plants sounding but what catches my eye the most is when nature attempts to reclaim what was once theirs. 8x10 inches, available through email. 

journal 13.jpg


Created with a Micron pen and watercolor. Inspired by my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. 



A scene I captured when i was studying abroad in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Created with Micron pen and watercolor on Arches acid free cotton paper 9x12. Available through email.


Krka, a National Park in Croatia.

Beautiful cascading waterfalls and wooden trails hovering above this swampy enchanted looking site. The whole park was beautiful but this area definitely caught my eye. This painting is done in Oil, painted on canvas and is 24x30 inches. Email if interested. 



Inspired by the towering Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park in California. Created with oil on canvas 24x36 inches. Available through email.

journal 15.jpg


Sometimes when I paint I like to imagine what a coastline would look like had it not been disrupted by us. This coastline in Herceg Novi, Montenegro was flooded with shops and resorts. With this painting i wanted to created the feeling I had when I was there, serenity. Created with oil on canvas, not available. 

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